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Looking for an opportunity to own a business that puts smiles on people’s faces, serves phenomenally popular products, and values the importance of having fun, giving back, and getting involved in the community?

We’re looking for Ritz franchisees, and we’d love to talk with you.

We like to say there are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Ritz ice cream and those who haven’t tried it yet.

Ritz locations are designed to deliver the ultimate, immersive Ritz experience to fans and first-timers alike. They’re whimsical, welcoming places where families and friends can enjoy their favorite treats and fans can deepen their connections with our brand.

Ritz locations typically offer the most extensive selection of Ritz ice cream, soft serve and sorbet flavors available anywhere (including special “shop-only” flavors you can’t get anywhere else), along with luscious sundaes, amazing shakes, and more euphoria than you can shake a scoop at.

We’ve got a great recipe for operating a Ritz, and a world-class team to provide “scoop-to-nuts” expertise.

We guide you every step of the way, beginning with your search for the right location, to training, to marketing, and to ongoing operational support for the life of your business.

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Our Values

  • Make People’s Day

    We commit wholeheartedly to making people feel special and valued. We reach out with positivity and warmth in every interaction with guests, teammates, partners, neighbors, and the community because we think in terms of relationships, not transactions. Each of us creates epically special moments and memories whenever we can.

  • Commit to Be the Best

    We give our personal best and inspire and grow the best in others. We own our impact on our world and hold ourselves accountable. We are constantly reflecting on and improving upon what we do and how we do it because “best” is not a fixed endpoint but rather a steady evolution.

  • Think Like an Entrepreneur

    We celebrate thoughtful risk-taking and understand that break-through moments don’t happen without some mistakes and iterations along the way. We push boundaries by asking “why?” and, more importantly, “why not?” We openly value and seek feedback to learn and grow.

  • Be Genuine

    We do the right thing, even when nobody else is looking. We are true to ourselves in our words, actions, and relationships.We model the empathy, compassion, and humility that we expect from others.

    Do you feel like you can fit in our culture and want to work with us? Please send your motivation to and we look forward to welcome you with a smile.